$5,244.00 of $10,000.00 raised

Emergency Earthquake Appeal

$5,244 of $10,000 raised

Two massive earthquakes have struck in Türkiye, leaving thousands of people there and in northern Shaam in desperate need of support. The death toll is already in the thousands and continues to rise with search and rescue operations underway. The earthquakes were some of the strongest to hit these regions in 100 years. Buildings and homes are unsafe with people stranded outside in freezing temperatures.

For those in shaam, this tragedy comes on top of 12 years of civil war, and an already unimaginable level of suffering.

Countless families have lost everything and are facing homelessness in the bitter cold right now. We urgently need your support to save lives before it’s too late.

Please give now to provide emergency aid including food, shelter, water and other lifesaving supplies to those affected by the earthquakes.

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