$3,922.00 of $20,000.00 raised

Masjid Al-Ummah 8

$3,922 of $20,000 raised

Let’s do this! The more sadaqah jariya we do, the more pleased our Lord is. The more our akhirah will be sweet Insha’Allah! This is the iniative that the ummah loves because it’s an ongoing charity for both the rich and poor. Everyone across the globe can be part of this and then get the ajer of it. Many want to build a masjid but can’t afford it but now this is your masjid..one for the entire ummah! We will build this in Nepal where the Muslims are a minority and these masajid are essential for the communities to pray, gather, learn Quran and raise their children. This masjid is 150sq m large and will be able to occupy at least 220 worshippers Insha’Allah! ⁣⁣

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