?? ??? ??! ?? ???? ??????? ????? ????-???? ????? ????????!! Since coming to help Yemen 3 months ago, we noticed most organizations are buying water from water trucks to go fill tanks for Yemeni families. But this solution is not long-term and will only help the children & families in Yemen on a short-term basis! It meant that they will drink only if people donated..and we didn’t want that for them. WE WANT TO TACKLE THE ISSUE FROM THE GRASSROOTS. WE IMMEDIATELY WORKED ON BUILDING A BIG WELL PROJECT. We called it “Ummah Well 2” and now..THEY HAVE RUNNING WATER ALL THE TIME! Now they don’t have to wait upon the mercy of people to give them water.. they can just go to our well built for them and fill up from the faucet directly. This clean water is available everyday! This is what IHCRO and its amazing community has done, one of the few organizations working fast and efficiently to bring real change to the ground Alhamdulilah. This well is a huge project. THE AMAZING NEWS IS: WE HAVE 3 OTHERS UNDER CONSTRUCTION ACROSS YEMEN. Wallahi, by Allah’s will, we will bring change and we are working everyday non-stop to see our ummah prosper!! Jazzakum Allah Khair to everyone who always believe in our vision. Thanks for your support, encouragement and messages. THIS IS THE CHANGE YEMEN NEEDS الحمدلله ❤️❤️❤️


We serve the ummah not for a charity name or a community recognition, wallahi it means nothing to us. WE STRIVE HARD TO MAKE THE WORD OF ALLAH THE MOST honor all the oppressed and poor Muslims who suffer without much support! We are you. We are the hearts of every Muslim who wants to help those in need and wants to see the fruits! We are you because that’s what we want too..that’s what we set-out for. Everything in this world fades in comparison to MAKING SURE A PROJECT COMES TO LIGHT SO QUICKLY SO PEOPLE CAN BENEFIT. This is what we are achieving everyday Alhamdulilah across 13 countries now masha’Allah! Just look at this HUGE PROJECT IN YEMEN how it went from an intention to an appeal TO A REALITY! Tabarak Allah..God bless everyone who believes in helping our ummah!!