Alhamdulilah, another major food packs distribution in Yemen completed today! IHCRO team continues strong in providing food to the hungry & most needy in Yemen! We distributed 350 food packs in Al-Khokha city on outskirts of liberated part of Hudaida to distressed families.

Just look at their smiles..

Look at how many benefitted today.

This week alone, with two distributuons,

we’ve managed to feed 6,500 people!

By the One who created us all, we are working extremely hard to make sure our children in Yemen are well fed, get the medical attention they need, to bring water solutions and provide overall assistance!

May Allah bless every kind person who donated. Wallahi, you guys are the true heroes.

We make dua for all of you that Allah be with you as you have with them. An honor to have been part of such love & unity الحمدلله