Alhamdulilah, we completed yet another masjid!

Our 13th masjid completed in Bangladesh so far and our overall reaching

100 masjid construction around the ummah Alhamdulilah!!

This amazing sister messaged us a few months back and wanted a masjid built…for who? FOR HER MOTHER AND DAUGHTER mashaAllah!! Look subhannaAllah, she made a sincere intention back then and today Allah made her intention to do good come true! A masjid..a House of Allah..will forever stand here with a prayer full of people as a sadaqah jariya for her and her loved ones! While people are out wasting money, SHE SAVED HERS WITH ALLAH. Dear sister Sarah, we are honored to present this to you today. Such a beautiful masjid. IHCRO is by far one of the fastest in building your sadaqah jariya dream project and nothing can bring us more honor than to be able to facilitate this. YA ALLAH, ACCCEPT IT 🀲🏻❀️